Entrepreneur Education for Youth

Empowering Idaho's Youth Through Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
At iCreate, part of the iLocal (Idaho Local) group where your local voice is the loudest, we believe that entrepreneurs are the innovators and problem-solvers of our economy. By fostering a culture of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in Idaho's youth, we can drive economic growth, create new opportunities, and positively impact mental health in our community.

Nurturing Natural Creativity

Children are naturally curious, imaginative, and creative. We aim to provide them with a positive outlet for these qualities - an alternative that is more compelling and beneficial than the distractions of social media. Rather than attempting to limit their exposure, we want to offer them something they are naturally drawn to, that they choose for themselves because it resonates with their interests and passions. We believe this approach is far better for their mental health and future success as adults.

Our goal is to establish a platform and bring together curriculums that allow young people to develop and showcase their creative talents, not just in the arts but in all areas of life. We want to connect them with local role models and mentors who can inspire them, expand their horizons, and demonstrate that with hard work and determination, they can become the innovative problem-solvers they were meant to be.

Preparing for Idaho's Future

Today's students face an uncertain future full of complex local and global challenges. The rapid pace of change means that many of the jobs and challenges they will face don't even exist yet. Entrepreneurship education equips students with crucial life skills like problem-solving, teamwork, empathy, and resilience that will help them navigate this uncertain landscape.

Importantly, entrepreneurship teaches students how to identify problems in their community, not just solve pre-defined ones. In the real world, local problems can only be tackled once they've been properly recognized and understood by those on the ground. This skill of problem identification will be invaluable for Idaho's future.

Developing Grit and Making a Local Impact

Entrepreneurship also fosters the development of grit - the passion and sustained persistence that psychology research suggests is one of the most important predictors of long-term success. The challenging and uncertain nature of the entrepreneurial journey demands grit, making entrepreneurship programs an ideal training ground.

Most importantly, we want Idaho's youth to understand that success isn't just about big tech startups or curing cancer, but the positive impact they can have on their local community. Entrepreneurs are driven to solve problems, meet needs, and make their corner of the world a better place, whether that's through a small business, a creative trade, or a humble innovation. The combined impact of this next generation of local entrepreneurs and problem-solvers is just as important as any high-flying tech startup.

At iCreate and iLocal, we are dedicated to nurturing Idaho's entrepreneurial community, preserving the unique spirit of our state, and empowering the next generation of local innovators and leaders. We seek to collaborate with companies and organizations across Idaho to bring entrepreneurship curriculums and teacher training into our schools. We invite you to learn more about the programs and resources we offer to support the creative potential of Idaho's youth.